Fare Match


What is fare matching?

Usually it is where we fill the empty leg of a journey to or from an airport. This means we have people in the car both ways, which is obviously much more fuel efficient, fairer to the environment, and we believe everyone should benefit.

Sometimes there may be separate bookings where both parties want to go to the same destination at about the same time. This is also more efficient.

Occasionally we also fill the empty leg of that journey too, which is about as efficient as it gets.

Do I have to do anything?

No. All bookings with us are automatically registered for Fare Match ™  You can opt out at the booking stage if you so wish, although very few customers do so.

Do I have to accept a Fare match?

No. You absolutely do not. We have a saying that if you do not mind us asking, we do not mind you saying no. If we did mind, that would not be fair!

Whenever a potential fare match comes in we will phone you to ask. If it does not suit, just say no thanks.  What could be fairer than that?

How does it work?

Bizzy cars are a member of the Virtual Rank network. This is a closed network of self employed drivers who adhere to a set of common standards and practices. All drivers are Institute of Advance motorist assessed, are usually studying to become members or qualify as observers of the institute. All drivers have access to a fleet of quality vehicles that are centrally maintained to ensure safety. All work is booked on a common platform and this allows us to increase the chances of fare matches.

When you book and pay for your journey, this is confirmed in writing to you from the Virtual Rank booking software. Any other journeys that are subsequently booked by other parties automatically show up.
If a fare match comes in, we will call you. Please note, these matches can occur even on the day of travel.

We then calculate the savings made and split them between you, the other party and ourselves.

I only want to book with you if I get a Fare Match ™   

Our normal prices are extremely competitive, our service is second to none but we are happy to accept enquiries on this basis too. Just let us know when you make your enquiry. We will agree a review date and call you on that date.


Farematch™ is operated by Virtual Rank Ltd who hold a full Private hire operators licence.  18/03387/TXPHO issued by Shropshire Council and valid to 27/08/2019

Unless instructed, and confirmed  in writing, all enquiries and bookings will be eligible for inclusion in the Farematch scheme, operated by Virtual Rank Ltd.