Child Seats

It is stating the obvious that both you and the driver wish to convey children safely and in appropriate, comfortable seats.

There has been a change in the law and here is a link to the ROSPA page

It is also very important to fit the seat correctly

By preference, if you are going both ways, we would prefer to take your own seats and store them while you are away. This is because your child will be familiar with the seat, and you will be able to fix the seat yourself, being familiar with how it attaches to the car.

We do have (limited - We would find it difficult to accomodate twins and triplets with identical seats! ) numbers of stage 1-4 seats that are available by prior arrangement. This can be useful if we are meeting parties that are inbound for the first leg (eg visiting grandchildren)

We would need to have confirmed the age and weight of the child to select the appropriate seat. You can do this on the enquiry/quote form


The taxi/Private hire regulations do allow for under 3's to travel on parent's laps in the rear of a vehicle.

This legislation probably had in mind city taxis travelling at 20 miles per hour (if you are lucky) in a city centre

We do not believe the regulations are at all appropriate on highways and motorways, where speeds are higher. Any impact at speed would result in huge forces being exerted on the arms of anyone holding an infant.

As a guide, a while ago, there was a figure touted round that a box of tissues, loose on the rear shelf of a vehicle travelling at 70 mph,  that was involved in a collision , would fly off the shelf with the same energy as a house brick thrown at someone.  See also link to luggage page.